Horror/Gore/Asian Lot

Horror/Gore/Asian Lot

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Hey guys,

I have a bunch of movies for sale, but I need to sell them as a lot.

I hate to part with any of these, but I need the money so I can move. These are all coming from a much larger lot of movies, but I am willing to sell this section to people who love horror genres.

If interested, post on here...if I do not reply, you can email me at Thorstrongstoneyahoo.com

Some of these movies took quite a long time to track down so serious inquiries only please.


The list:

Aftermath: Special Edition

Army of Darkness Director's Cut

Bad Taste

Basket Case

Blood Bath(cheap-o collection)

Cannibal Holocaust

Dog Soldiers

Guinea Pig Box Set

House of 1000 Corpses

Ilsa Box Set (3 movies)

The Blood Trilogy

Blood Feast 2

H.G. Lewis Box Set (6 movies)

Phantasm Special Edition

The Return of the Living Dead

Salon Kitty

Thriller: A Cruel Picture

Shaun of the Dead

Terror Firmer

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(Pioneer Special Edition)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Tox Box (4 movies)

Citizen Toxie


Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre

Dead or Alive 1

Entrails of a Virgin

Ichi: The Killer

Ichi1: The Prequel

Ichi: The Anime

Bonus: Ichi the Killer Manga (4-piece in Japanese)

Kichiku Dalenkai: Banquet of the Beasts

Death Race 2000


Visitor Q

Dawn of The Dead (Anchor Bay)

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Depending on how much you're looking to get.I might be interested.PM me the details if you want.

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Intrested.How much and how you gonna get them where I live?

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wat u want

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