Buy one used DVD get one for a penny!

Buy one used DVD get one for a penny!

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I don't know if all of them are doing this, or even where any are (besides the one I went to in Denton, TX), but I got Scanners, The Grudge 2, Hostel Part 2, Ichi the Killer, I Know Who Killed Me, Wolf Creek, and Pulse, all of which I haven't seen. I don't know how long it's going on, but some of the used movies are 3.99 and most are under 10.99. Their website is Go check it out!

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ZombieFlesh845's picture sells alot of their stuff on amazon. i dont know what they sell used on their own website but their used stuff is pretty cheap on amazon but watch out they sent me a warped disc once. I guess they never inspected it before selling it again but they were cool about it and gave me a quick refund.

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