Low Budg

Low Budg

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I gotta say, im more than disappointed with fear net so far.

First off, i thought it was gonna be a channel, not a limited supply of on demand movies.

If there is not gonna be a channel, then at least put some more movies on.

I keep reading posts where people are saying to give it some time, and im willing to do that. But if having the resources to really get things rolling is an issue, why not resolve that by making a bunch of low budget indie and cult flicks available on demand. Im sure that is what a lot of the die hard fans were looking for anyway. No need to secure the rights to all kinds of expensive mega-hits, just the essentials. Beyond that, give us the obscure and obscene films we can't see on other channels. I assume they would be cheaper to put on fear net anyway.

Of course i could be wrong about all of this since im mostly pulling it outta my hole. So how bout just letting us know what to expect. How many movies u planning to add? How often will they change? Any in particular u have planned for us???

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ya good things come to those that wait! So hold those horses man hahhahahha

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