Fearnet ON DEMAND movies

Fearnet ON DEMAND movies

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there should be a page on this site that allows members to sugest and vote on movies to air on fearnet ON DEMAND/ EXAMPLES: original Puppet Master movies, Candyman, the good Texas Chainsaw movies, Halloween etc.

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I have actually been looking for movies like Ghost Town, or Transmutations, Nightbreed, Sleepaway camp, Slumber Party Massacre, Phamtasm, and other movies like that. It would be awesome to suggest movies on Fearnet and On Demand!

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Why do the people at FEARnet insist on calling movies that they have already showed ( Reeker, Bloody Mallory, Fright Night and The Ugly) NEW movies. Are there not enough horror movies out there to choose from......REAL horror movies that you have to start repeating the one that have already been shown? Come on guys (and girls) what about Nightmare on Elm Street, The Thing, Session 9, The Shining just to name a few.

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I think Fearnet could really shine by airing some films that are less known in the US, like Dog Soldiers or the Ginger Snaps movies and things in that vein - not necessarily werewolf oriented, but those were good movies that didn't get a lot of exposure in the US.

I'd also like to see some of the older movies that make the top 50 lists every year, but are hard to find. Films like Last House on the Left, and Suspiria, Night of the Hunter, Les yeux sans visage, the original Night of the Living Dead, etc. They showed The Wicker Man (or maybe still are) and I was very happy to see it. Maybe they could do a "classics" category.

Thanks Fearnet, you guys are great!

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Agreed, I would love to see the Puppet Master films on here. Those are B-Movie classics

Heck something like Gantz wouldbe nice to see.


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