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I want LawrencePRaffel's job. Sit around all day slugging down coffee and reading the stuff the rest of us post, maybe make an occasinal appearance to answer questions or just have fun. But then if he's the same guy who has to keep out the unwanted adds and site spammers then I don't envy him. Either way, good job Lawrence.

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hey LPR!

Have a great friday and a good weekend!

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Happy Valentine's Day! Much Love! Blood Dragoness

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happy v-day LPR...heheheh

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Hey LPR!! hope you have a great weekend!

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He does not do anything so i yhink he has to do that.

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Hey LPR! thanks for share the pics of the Fangcon. There great!!!

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Good Morning Lawrence! Happy St.Patrick's Day! Sending you a PINCH! if you're not wearing green! Much Love Blood Dragoness

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Thanks for the Texas pics!! Hope to see you again in Cherry HIll!

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Cool. I want his job too.


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