Worst Way To Die

Worst Way To Die

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I say if u were a girl and u fuckin a zombie his thing came off inside u and u died because u couldn't get it out and got a inffection

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K4m4kz1's picture

i thnk the worst way is for a zombie's head to roll and bite you on the ankle

invas10n's picture

forget zombies, i think if u found yourself in one of those rooms in the abandoned building AKA Hostel...

Katsword's picture

your head explodes while trying to understand the accounting at an ex-Enron boardmembers' meeting and they stick you with the bartab post-mortem.

sam radicalpants's picture

i think the worst way to die is natural. how boring!


Blood sucking Vampire's picture

I would say that the worst way to die is in your sleep and when someone is beating u.

disturbed's picture

i would go with with being burned alive

Toshio's picture

Being buried alive is probably my all-time worst fears. I can't imagine being trapped in a box, six feet under, waiting until there is no longer air to breathe...

Katsword's picture

I'd be more afraid of dying without help like Kitty Genovese, laying on your own doorstep being stabbed while the neighbors ignore your cries for help until after you're dead. On second thought, that doesn't scare me, it pisses me off.

ShatteredBeauty's picture

Being cemented at the bottom of a well filled with ice cold water, given only 12 minutes of O2, fog proof goggles so you can see everything, and no chance for escape no matter what you do.

Being buried alive with your parent's corpses.

Being eaten alive from the inside out by some sort of parasite.

mockingbrdlne's picture

Buried alive. Stuck six feet under in a coffin with no escape.


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