Write a horror movie scene, one line at a time

Write a horror movie scene, one line at a time

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I'll go first....

As Jenny looked out across the vast wilderness...

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She had to find out who had done this tortureous deed for her, and why? The question was burning inside of her brain. She had to prepare herself for the worst. If they were able enough to kill the leaders, what would stop them from coming after her too. She didn't fear them. She had no fear inside of her only rage. Her rage roared on and she became more violent, being bothered by someone doing her work. She had to find out who off'ed the leaders and she had to do it now....

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It chewed its way to his bones crushing them,and as the ash of his inner structure fell out the wounds he dug his hands in and pulled parts of his ribcage out.

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Suddenly, a morbid shadow began forming around him and it manifest itself into a Vampire, a Vampire named Dante.

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All she could see was emptiness like how she felt within...

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Then, all of a sudden, coming through a clearing in the trees....

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A movement a rustling of leaves it looked like a giant.....

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then then she looked and it was a big hair zombie giant running after her to eat her flesh.

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She let out a blood-curling scream and turned to run the other way, but saw another one...

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OK she said, you've got me, now take me like the big harry thing that you are!

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Just then, her boyfriend, Greg came along and...


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