Will you vote for me??

Will you vote for me??

MyDemonicEmbrace's picture

I'm beggining to develop an inferiority complex...

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skuff's picture

You've got my vote!

deathbringer's picture

got my vote also

DarkWalker's picture

Know how you feel, just voted for you, could use one back.

DarkWalker's picture

Actually y'all got a vote

zombiemarco's picture

I made your 80th vote, everyone else here got one too.

Firewolf's picture

sure y not!

smithhh's picture

you have like 83 votes

and only 40 something posts


Mr Demonic's picture

I think I may have already but I will vote again in case I didn't.

Changeling's picture

I'll vote for you.

djwarchild's picture

don't you get a vote when you post something worth while.. when was begging a worth while post.. and why are you getting an inferiority complerx over your internet profile on a horror messageboard / website.


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