how many posts do you have to get before you die?

how many posts do you have to get before you die?

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see question

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I was wondering the same thing, how they rate you "stalked", "brutilized", etc. Can someone explain this to me please. Sorry to sound stupid!

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Not a stupid question at all, i was wondering the samething!

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Well you get murdered when you reach 500 that would be when your killed haha

I honestly forgot the numbers before that and I dont know what the numbers are after that.

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I honestly haven't thought of that before.

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went are you resurrected now that;'s the cool part

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is there a purpose 4 ur status or is it 4 no particular reason

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Well Im wondering the same thing so this is not stupid I wish it wouldn't take so long to move up in the ranks.....

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I was wondering the same thing. I don't know how this works though because I have many more posts than another person I saw and I'm still Stalked and their Brutalized. I just want to be Brutalized damnit! Kicked, Punched, anything.

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From my experience with other message boards, the rankings "Stalked", "Brutalized", etc. just show how much you participate on the message boards. I don't think that it means anything special.

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I'm not sure how this works can somoe help me please! What are posts and how do you get them. and what do the statuses mean


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