Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

Polls: Which Urban Legend Are you Most reluctant to Try?

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Just as a precaution to all you daredevils out there, I thought I might share this.

There's been a police bulliton going around my area about a gang that drives around at night with their headlights off. If a car flashes their lights at them, they will kill everyone in the car, and that's how you get into the gang.

'Tisn't a legend, it's true. :/

So....don't. Just don't. D:

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Probably bloody mary or the one from the show supernatural that is like bloody mary.

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Bloody Mary!!!!

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I am with the others. No Bloody Mary.

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shaving my balls

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ass spelunking

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Hey peeps, check this thread out if you get the time. It's about MOD's on Fearnet Chat.


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That's a hard one, gotta agree with the Bloody Mary thing though. When I was in 3rd grade our elementary school was next to a cemetary, come to think of it, both elementary schools in our town were next to cemeteries, hmmm, anyway, we were told about her them and I'm still not gonna try it.

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Bloody Mary

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Bloody hell what is this forum about I don't get it at all but I would say Bloody Mary

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it has to be Bloody mary !!!!!!!


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