Killer clowns

Killer clowns

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i'm scared of clowns but not so that its a phobia there just so creepy i hate seeing them who agrees

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i agree clowns r only good 4 horro movies like it and drive thru

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You all would Hate stephen kings IT then,Great movie plus Tim Curry Kicks but as a CLOWN.."They All Floats Down Here Billy......'

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Clowns are the only thing that really freaks me out. There is this store on the boardwalk in Ocean City,MD. It's like all these clowns hanging from the ceiling. I litterally run past it. Creepy!!!


ALL CLOWNS scary the H out of me!!!!!!! Like the one in IT!

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Clowns don't really scare me as much as they annoy real life that is...give me a clown in a horror flick...maybe a lil scared. C'mon I watched boozoo as a kid, and my favrorite clown is Captain Spaulding, gotta love him from Rob Zombie films.

Yea...I'm not really scared of clowns...I feel sorry for most of them. Being sick on Halloween as a child, i was forced to wear a clown costume so I could keep warm. Let me tell you that that costume was the most uncomfortable thing, the whole suit itched, the wig itched and I was sweating and had the flu...not fun! Love my family for their efforts though.

Miss Kitty

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i'm scared of clowns but not so that its a phobia there just so creepy i hate seeing them who agrees

ummmmm were we seperated at birth! LOL!!! i hate clowns!

SleepAwayGirl89's picture

only some clowns creep me out............ i like the creepy ones though

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Clowns have always scared the hell out of me. i can't stand them there stupid laugh and make-up its such a git up but deep down inside they are evil as hell.

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Clowns can kick ass when they want to! They only creep me out when they are in the right context. Like Stephen King's IT, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, or We All Scream For Ice Cream. Other than that clowns are funny as hell!

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clowns scare the shit out of me,always have!other people freak on puppets,me,it's clowns...and spiders...


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