How would you die?

How would you die?

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If you were to be the first victim in a slasher movie by a serial killer, how would you want to die?

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If you were to be the first victim in a slasher movie by a serial killer, how would you want to die?

If I was a first victim I would want to die by tripping and falling down the stairs cutting my neck on glass breaking my leg and being stapped to death then sliced into pieces

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One quick slice of a huge knife that would decapitate me. That way I would feel no pain.

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with my luck it would be something stupid all because i had 2 stop and think about whats going on.


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have my throat cut for some reason....

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Probably a quick death, but that won't be possible if I bleed to death.





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being stabed in the back while i was having sex ooo ya haha

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easy my sleep.  i don't care for least, not in a non-sexual wayWink

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If I was the first victim in a horror movie, I would want to die protecting my hot clumsy girlfriend (who was about to get intiment with me) who dosen't give a lick for me and who starts running at the first sight of the serial killer, ditching me, when I was trying to tell her to go threw the back yard, but she goes up stairs where she would be next to die by jumping out the 3 story window, hurting her poor little back, trying to crawl away, while the killer is right behined her, with a machette, and cuts her head right off while she's screaming and putting her hands up to stop the swining, unstopable, blade. andways... I would die be fighting with the serial killer, for about 5 minutes, and when I'm finnally tired he goes up to me, slowly spins my head like the exercist, keep doing that for a minute, then he'd rip my head up taking my spinal cord with my head. Thats how I would die.


While eating a snow cone on a hot day at a medieval festival dragged there by my date. I would get a brain freeze while eating the snow cone and shut my eyes dealing with the pain and not see the fat lady stooping over her kid to shovel a piece of funnel cake into the little porker. As she twisted aside to avoid crushing the little one she would knock over the lance off the armored knight display that would come crashing down leaving a gouge down a costumed jesters back causing him to scream and startle the face painting lady who is, well, painting face, she sticks the brush in the drunken louts eye in surprise and he lets out a yelp and stands back dropping his beer which causes the kings guardsmen to drop his poleax in an effort to catch the drunk cause he slips in the beer. The poleax falls and severs the arm of one of the arm wrestling performers and the one guy in shocked surprise flings the severed limb away from him and it lands on the magician doing the knife throwing act who then screws up the throw and knifes his lovely assistant. The crowd screams and runs helter skelter in a panic and runs for their lives knocking over lit braziers that set fire to the stage. The fire runs rampant through the little forrest setting and burns everything down including many of the entertainers and patrons and causes a mass evacuation which in turns causes a few traffic accidents as everyone tries to escape the burning forrest. This in turn causes a traffic snarl at the entrance to the high way and the high way itself as smoke starts to creep onto the roads around it. I finally get home and say my goodbyes to my friends who drop me off and as I turn to walk up the stairs, slip on dogshit, crack my skull and die.

What ? . . . . . . . . Well you ASKED. . . . . . . HELLFIGHTERS SMILEY

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If I were to die in a horror movie I wouldn't be the first to die for one I can take a lot of punishment and I'm a virgin so yeah not gonna die first. I would probably be like the second to last to die. mainly because I have enough common sense to know somethings up and not walk down a dark alley yelling,

"Jimmy you there man?" or "Stop fucking with me dude it ain't funny!" just long enough for the killer or killers to find me no.

I would die in a garage and I would put up one hell of a fight but in the end i would be pined to the wall with garden scissors and decapitated with a shovel just as I pulled the scissors out.



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