How would you die?

How would you die?

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If you were to be the first victim in a slasher movie by a serial killer, how would you want to die?

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Well I would be in car by cliff where so many teenagers got murders, and I'm making out with this extreamly hot chick who just happens to be a alien prostatute, then allof a sudden we both get crushed by a giant penis

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All right, guess I'll have to do it. I suppose. 


Snuff film, that's how. Enough said. 


Is it a CGI penis or do you have to find a GIANT who can act ? ?


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Whatever your heart tells you.

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i would be sliced up by a machete

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OMG!!! you guys are killing me! ooo shit!so cute!










Ahhhh yes. . . . . . . . . you discovered the time FEARnet was FUN.


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