Whos afraid of a lil death???

Whos afraid of a lil death???

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Is death something that should be sccepted or something u have too fear? Me personally believeing in the after life thinks that death is something everlasting for the soul wut dop u Horror Fanatics have too say?

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Dont take life for granted always make the rite choices or it will get you in the end.

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The idea of death doesn't really scare me. The actual event which will end my life isn't really something I think about.

The thing that bothers me the most about death is the fact that I will no longer be here. I know that has to sound stupid to alot of people - but I look at it this way:

If I'm dead, I'll never hold my children again. I'll never sit on the couch and watch tv with my husband.

People I've discussed this with say stuff like "well, you won't care when you're dead" and they are totally right, but for now, that's what I think about - and I'm not ready for death.

So yes - from that stand point, death scares me.


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I can't wait. It's all a matter of what your belief is for the after death part. When I die I will still be here messing with those who took part in fucking with my happy life. They will be sorry. Those whom I love can know I will protect them in ways they can't see. Like a guardian angel. We evolve and continue on just in another form. For some it is in heaven with our maker free and happy and for others well you get the point...Never fear the inevitable. I agree that the manner in which I die probably will not be my choosing, but I hope it won't be painful.

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I don't fear death if anything I embrace it. I'm just wondering how I will go. I would rather my friend suprise me with a stab in the back rather than a boring natural death. That's just me.

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