Better Ending

Better Ending

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I want to know the better endings.I am planning on writing an horror flick and maybe you'll inspire a great ending.

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Hostel ends with the hero winning I would write it with the hero being caught in the eastern block country for the murders he committed in his escape. He was tortured and beaten for years and kept from killing himself


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High Tension ends with the killer being real and he ends up getting killed by the main heroine in a brutal and bloody way.

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i would write that Ginger in GingerSnaps, lives and the goes on a killing spree with Bridget after Bridget gets turned into a werewolf too. Also i actually really like Sam so I wouldn't have him go after Ginger, but i don't know what he would do.

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I always appreciated a surprise ending. "The Sixth Sense" "Spiral" "The Crying Game" "Night of the Living Dead" etc.

You just have to be very clever. I saw a foreign flick about 2 friends staying the weekend at the other friend's house. Someone broke into the house and killed the entire family except for the so-called friend and the girlfriend who's family was slaughtered. They tried to escape together and then the plot thickened from there. Cool movie. Can't remeber the name though.

I also always appreciated psychological thrillers where you can't tell if the main character is hallucinating or really seeing and experiencing what the camera is portraying to us until the end of the movie.

I think we're all used to seeing the "girl" escape from the horrors bestowed upon her and her friends and we all need a new ending to this general plot. It's just about expected now a days in every movie we see.

So please come up with one and a great ending to your story.

I wish you the best of luck.


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