What is your favorite brand of Horror

What is your favorite brand of Horror

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My ultimate favorite in horror has to be,"Possesion."

I love the slashers but something about the mankind vs. all of evil in it's purest form just creates such intrigue I have to watch more and more. If it's based on a true story I love it even more.

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precious23's picture

I like the living dead, slashers, anything with a lot of blood and gore.

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I like horror movies that keep you on the edge of your seat and covering your eyes. The original Amityville Horror was a good one as well as The Shining, Saw, and lots more.....I tend to lean toward the slasher flicks.

ShadowCat27's picture

I love Suspenceful horror/Cheezy Horror and the kind that gives you a good heart pounding thrill not like scared out of your witts to gory type horror movies but just about anything I think sounds interesting I will watch it

draffet's picture

werewolf/vamps then giant monsters followed by ghosts then mutant anything .

samurai's picture

werewolf and ghostly flicks

Mojojobob's picture

Psycho Killers. Medical Mutations. Zombies.

mrrickbaig's picture

living dead,

Ozzette's picture

the more gore, the better

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slashers anything with blood guts and gore. a good killing it has to look real.

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i love snuff films and anything with vampires in it


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