Screen Name Meaning

Screen Name Meaning

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House Of Krazees9

Is an old band with Twiztid n Roc. 9 is my lucky number- birthday and all that fun stuff.

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Digger68                                                                                                                                         i was a grave digger heance the name   68 the year i was born. all so a fan of icp, boondox,and twizted. all have used digger in a song

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lol easy.. it's all i was wearing at the time!! lol jk, just an old screen name I've been using since i was a teen!

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I honestly have no idea where Xenia comes from. I've been called it for years though and it kinda stuck to me.

Gerrard is the last name of my favourite football player, Steven Gerrard, that plays for Liverpool FC.

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Zombgee - My last name is Gee, pronounced 'G' ...and well, I love zombies!

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it stems from my graffity days....rift was my moniker dont know where i came up with it been using it since i was maybe 13-14....267 is BOS on a phone pad...and there u go!!!


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