Best horror Film

Best horror Film

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Suicide club.

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Check out my pic, than you'll know; )

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just watched

house of 1000 corpses

on ifc

the bld nutter

such a crazy sexy beach she was

i liked it

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sexy crazy bitch

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slither. james gunn is a fucking genius.

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The Devil's Rejects!

xladyxlazarusx - I want some tooty fuckin' frooty! lol

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The Devil's Rejects!xladyxlazarusx - I want some tooty fuckin' frooty! lol

I'm liking her reply a lot. :

Captain Spaulding.

What a wacko.

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Silence of the lambs

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I'm out of bounds here but Evil Dead is still the scariest. Movies lately just shock you, but this one has you holding tight to your blanky the whole time.


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