Killer or Victim?

Killer or Victim?

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what roll would you have in a horror, psycho killer, helpless victim, sole survivor, other??

and why?? I'll give my own answer later...

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sickness's picture

killer all the way,the reason for my choice is that I have shown homicidal

tendencies and I don't give a fuck about human life.

southsideREBELS2010's picture

killer because

im smarter then the other

dumb ass blondes who always

trip when running from the damn


plus i find it amusing =

smithhh's picture

id be the killer


smithhh's picture

or the victim turned killer? like jason! vengeance!

evilsbfreak's picture

I'd either be killer or sole survivor. As for why I'd be a killer, I tend to be a bit anti-social and get really frustrated with society so I'd probably go on a killing spree and take out as many people as I could before being caught. As for sole survivor, I have a strong sence of survival and would do just about anything to save my own life. Not to mention that I would fight back if a killer was coming at me. Screw running around and screaming like a dumbass, I'd go after the bastard.

VampireOfNight's picture

I would have to say neither.

pigglee's picture


to stab them and watch the life

go out of their eyes


SomebodyWicked's picture

depends on the day...depends on how i would die... sometimes its fun to be the victim... most of the time i would probably want to be a killer because i have anger issues and a long list of people i would love to get revenge on

pigglee's picture

who would want

to be a victim

Vampyrmaiden's picture

the killer, I'd love to be without remorse or empathy LOL


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