What scares you?

What scares you?

VampireOfNight's picture

What really scares you? Maybe it's a scary movie.

What really scares me is knowing that someone is

watching me?



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dreamcole3's picture

I am still yet to find something thats really scary to me other than my own dreams.

phantomofdoom's picture

i have to go with vamp on this one people watching me is creepy i always have to close the blinds befor i sleep

houseofpain's picture

people watching other people now that is freaky.

WorldWideSuicide's picture

The thought of stupid people procreating. That genuinely terrifies me.

freddyzchic's picture

well...i am afraid of dying all alone (and knowing my life was incomplete at the time of my death).

Raven0blivion's picture

Well to tell you the truth, I am really afraid of being alone... I know that after awhile I would loose myself in the madness of being alone. I would become such a horrible monstrous person... The demon that lives with in me would take over... So being alone, without anyone would definitely fear me.

lenorenevermore's picture

clowns scare me, seriously, i hate them.

DeadWatch's picture

Being eaten alive...that would suck.

Flesheatr's picture

I scare myself because I am so ignorant about life and the world around me. The whole damn thing could blow up to shit and I don't think that I would even give a shit.

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