What scares you?

What scares you?

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What really scares you? Maybe it's a scary movie.

What really scares me is knowing that someone is

watching me?



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old people.

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Reality.....The General Public....

Has anyone really taken a good look at what's going on in our society!! That's what seriously scares me.

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what scare's me ?,..i do.,..what i'am most afraid of is myself and my own imagination and personal demons.,.but then again aren't we all scared of who we really are and what we could become ?

a better question might be what are we most afraid may happen to each of us.

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Its hard to scare me but if you do watch out because it could be deadly my brother scared me one time and notice I said once because when he scared me I didn't know it was him he made me believe someone broke into my house and was attacking me so I grabbed the most dagarous sharpest thing I could see which happend to be an icepick and nearly killed him with it

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sometimes im scared of myself when i get really angry i black out when i snap out of it im afraid to see what ive done

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Can't stand bugs.

Or being up really high.


I freeze on the spot. ..

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being alone in a house... the noises and such... so fn freaky

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What really scares me are those like-like dolls. Ever since I was a kid, I have been terrified of them.

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OMG people that jump out at you

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i know i sound girly but spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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