And the winner is?

And the winner is?

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Hi, I just joined and I thought, who would win in a fight to the end? Chucky or the lepracon

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chucky forever baby!!!!!

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chucky forever baby!!!!!

hell yeah baby!!!!!

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there is no doubt in my mind that the green Fuck will devoure that little shit Chucky hell I could take chucky

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Well, Chucky has his bride and his homicidal kid. Hopefully all 3 can kick the Leprechaun's ass. Just get that little troll drunk and lock his ass in a

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Charles Lee Ray all the way

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I'm a big Chucky fan and I really hate the whole Leprachaun series-but logically thinking, the Leprachaun would win. Charles Lee Ray's soul was put into the doll through a voodoo ritual which is a form of magic. Practitioners of magic are also susceptible to magic. Meaning since the Leprachaun's whole schtick is magic, he would have it over Chucky. Magic spells can be cast over a distance-all the leprachaun would need is something personal of Chucky's like a hair strand or a drop of blood for Chucky to be affected by a spell. Of course, Chucky could do the same thing back..although Chucky has not demonstrated any other magical feats other than 'soul transference'. If Charles Lee Ray was a skilled practitioner of voodoo enough to transplant his soul into a doll (or several failed attempts into another human body) he might have a great capability to weave spells with the right disciplines. In the very first 'Child's Play', Chucky killed his mentor-the one who taught him the 'Gris-Gris', or 'soul transference' spell. Who knows what else his mentor taught him? Always thought that would be interesting in a future Chucky movie, but they never went that direction. It could be a very interesting match-up indeed-the Leprechaun could weave some kind of spell on Chucky making him human or never being able to transfer his soul AGAIN. Or he could turn him into an unliving doll. My money goes on the Leprachaun.


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