What classic would you NOT want remade!

What classic would you NOT want remade!

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Got any?

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Anything....please Hollywood, enough with the reruns.

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ive heard rumors that there is gonna be a remake

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do we really have 2 go there i'll get back with you on this ok

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This is too hard to say. Hollywood has already basterdized all the great ones with sequals. Or worse, totally change the story line for something that they will hope gets better. Just check out what they did with the Hitcher!!!!

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All of them.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street; its impossible unless Englund is recast.

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Night of the Living.. wait, damn.

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Jacob's Ladder

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Last House on the Left.

I should also mention that there are several that could be redone well, but a lot of the "horror" movies being churned out these days have TERRIBLE CGI. My fear is that you take a great movie from, say, the 70's, and everything's right, but then the CGI ruins it. I haven't seen the Exorcist prequels yet, but I flipped to one of them yesterday, and there were hiennas. OMG! They were so terrible. The way I see it if ya can't do something right then just don't bother.

Just my .02


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