im new, and this website looks AWESOME!

im new, and this website looks AWESOME!

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ok, so im new here (like i just joined 5 minutes ago) and from the little i've seen this place looks great.

i'm really interested in horror, and gore, and things like that, but my friends and my boyfriend just don't understand. they make fun of me and call me wierd

so i'm hoping to meet people here who are cool and understand and are like me.

what im really interested in is serial killers. i really like reading about them and how they are. so if anyone knows any good movies about that, i would love to know. or if anyone just wants to talk, i want to meet people.

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Good luck finding a serial killer movie thats based on true events that doesn't suck balls.

I love true crime books but I've yet to find something really good that's been made into a movie.

I would suggest Helter Skelter if you're interested in Manson.

All of the BTK Killer, Green River Killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy stuff sucks.

But if you find something that's decent, let me know.


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