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Salutations fellow night kind. I am pleased to find a location that caters to those of us who feed on Fear. I do believe I will enjoy myself here...

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Salutations Sincarnate. I don't feed on Fear, I feed on the fearful.

I myself fear nothing. Nothing or no one has been able to scare me yet.

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Something has to be pretty fuckin scary for me to be scared...

When I was a kid there were these big cement pipes on my street they were big enough to stand up in if you were a 4 foot kid & it was Halloween & it was the day time so I am outside hangin by the cement pipe things & out of one of them pops a guy in a Vampire costume & he chased my little butt up to the door of my house! I was in about 3 or 4th grade! Now mind you I had been hooked on horro flix since 2nd grade or earlier so not much got me scared movie wise but this was IRL so I peed my pants & ran in the house screaming bloody murder!

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Hi everyone. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with some quality people indulging my passions. Glad to be here!

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I am curious to see what this site will have to offer.

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This site has lots to offer. Including friendship. I have made a lot of friends over in the off topic forum.

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