Charline Harris books

Charline Harris books

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Telepathy in this book comes in handy being able to tell who is a Shape-shifter or Were. It is also good that Sookie can't hear vampires thoughts or emotions cause than she would be dead the moment they detected her inside their head.

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I read the first three books, I liked the first one the best, but the others were okay.

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I think these books are a lot of fun. Not seriously scary if that's what you're looking for, but lighthearted. Good for summer by the pool reading. Not too in depth. Nice bit of romance thrown in. Definitely worth reading.

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If you guys don't know already there will be, a tv show based on the books made soon.

The tv show is called True Blood.

Charlaine Harris has written lots of different series of books as well.

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I've only read the first one, but I love the characters. Sam is my favorite =D

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what order do these book go in??

i have 'dead until dark' and also 'dead to the world'


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1. Dead Until Dark

2. Dead in Dallas

3. Club Dead

4. Dead to the World (my personal fave)

5. Dead as a Doornail

6. Definitely Dead

7. All Together Dead

8. From Dead to Worse

9. Dead and Gone

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