Can we watch movies on

Can we watch movies on

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Can we watch movies on

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i feel 4 u truely i do ... i'm takein away from it all soon 4 alil while damn my heart isso heavy now movies/ answer yes

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How long does it take for the movie to load. Im trying to watch a movie but im wondering how long I have to wait online before the movie starts.

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 Would Canada count as U.S. seeing as it is the U.S.' neighbor??? What I am trying to ask is.... are Canadians able to access FEARnet's free movies and other videos???

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i just finnished watching toolbox murders, which worked like a charm, however if i try to watch anything else on the "free list" it just comes up black? i can see all the comments from others who have watched them but i cant? is this my bad or does this site actually blow?


Check to see if your security is set too high. If your adblock is on and possibly blocking the site. Also, you've gotta be in the U.S. to get FEARnet shows. Most, not all, of us dont have a problem with the site.

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