You might notice a few changes around

You might notice a few changes around

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Here's a quick summary of what's changed on the site this week:

- You can edit your forum posts! It's as simple as clicking the EDIT button on a post that you submitted.

- When you submit a post, we no longer take you back to the top of the thread! (Ok, this one was kinda minor, but it was a big pain in the a to have to scroll down to find your post.)

- You can change your password! Click on your profile (there's a MY PROFILE link at the very top of every page), then click the EDIT PROFILE link (you'll find it below the banner ad). Click CHANGE PROFILE. In fact, you can change any info you've given us except your username.

- Chat is better! We now notify the group when someone enters or leaves. And you can type "/me" to insert your name!

- There's new full length movies! Beverly Hills Vamp, Blood & Donuts, Evolver, Crimson Rivers, and Creatures the World Forgot all launched in the past week.


- You can add photos to your forum posts! You can't upload images, but you can use image tags to display a photo that is hosted elsewhere. Simply type:

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I just want to say thank you for the changes you have made, it helps us out. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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Good job on improving. Wish we could review sent messages. Try to formulate that one if possible.


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Thanks for taking time to update and working so hard for us.

I'm sure everything will keep getting better.

You guys rock!

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good 2 know thanks

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