new on HBO Trublood

new on HBO Trublood

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 has anyone cheecked out the new show Trublood on HBO? it is soo sick and is now my fave show. I just wana know what other peeps think about it???

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I love this show!!! I so want to know whats going to happen next week!!!!! I get really impatient waiting for the next episodes

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Love this new show!  Anything with vampires gets me going.  But this show is slick, dark, sexy, and hysterical.  Vampire Bill and LaFayette are my two favorite characters.  I can't wait until they put this on DVD.

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i'm in the middle of reading the book it's based off right now, then i wanna see the show =]

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They need to pull werewolves into the picture... they have already pulled up vamps, shapeshifters, and psychic people... and they have talked about werewolves being real inside their world... so I say... show me the wolves!!

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Love it too,read the sookie stackhouse novels first (author charlaine harris)a great vampire watch,Anna paquin is superb. A wonderfully intriguing blend of vampire and mystery.

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