30 Days of Night Continuation

30 Days of Night Continuation

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I've only recently discovered FEARNET and couldn't be more pleased.  Finally, a place for us sick freaks who enjoy the finer cuts and bites of life to congregate.


I watched with transfixed fascination with the first two 30 Days episodes on my cable network which carries FEARNET.  They were the Blood & Dust episodes. 

My query;  Are there more coming?  I dig Vampire stuff, especially when they are the true evil dudes and dudettes in real attack mode.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Oh yeah, Halloween is so much better since Lions Gate Films has blessed our community by releasing the awesome SAW series for the past 5 years..  Get ready for SAW V  on Friday 10/24.



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You my freind, know what good horror is when you see it. :)



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Good to know they will be coming out with another. I really liked how they put the setting in Alaska on the last one. Made the movie really erie somehow


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