New to the forum - New Production Company and Music Artist

New to the forum - New Production Company and Music Artist

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Hello FearNet!!! I have been wanting to set up profiles in here for a while now, but haven't had my demons all in a row yet...until now.

JGJ Media is a video production company, mainly doing video editing (not too much filming yet). JGJ Media loves the Horror genre and any twisted and mentally unstable plots.

Lthrboots is an Industrial/Darkwave/Goth/EBM artist performing music in the style of NIN, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, etc.

Both of those are me, Jerry G. Jones. I play keyboard and drums, and perform all vocals on the Lthrboots music. Under the JGJ Media moniker, I perform all the duties of video filming, video editing, and visual FX for the videos.


Feel free to stop by and leave some blood on my doormat. I'll be posting more videos and music to both profiles this week. Great to finally be in here.

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welcome to fearnet and cant wait to see what you got!

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Be sure to keep us updated, am always looking for something new and different!!


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