Why prolong the inevitable.......

Why prolong the inevitable.......

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Hello there.....Well, let's unleash the horror right off the bat..With an introduction and creepy story, no use in prolonging the inevitable..lol.......My name is Rob, aka october_undead. I love October, zombie movies generally all horror......I collect horror memorabillia and have a pretty decent collection.....

Here is a scary and true story. It involves something that I own..


A few years ago, I was in Hanover, Massachusetts. While driving, I noticed a Halloween store that was open. The stores that you see with costumes, masks, Halloween decorations etc...I went in the store and after being in there for a few minutes, my attention was caught by this one particular item. It was hanging up against the wall and the only one of its kind. It was almost 3 feet tall and I guess you could call it a living dead child figure or prop. All the other things in the store had multiple items of each item for sale, except for this one, It was the only one of its kind in the store. It had no tags on it either, so its origin is unknown. I would like to add that I have never seen another one like this anywhere. As far as I know, not only is the origin unknown, but it seems to be the only one of its kind in existence. There also seems to be no manufacturer and/or date engraved on it. Anyway, I brought this undead figure to the counter and the man had a smile on his face when he was ringing it up. Most likely due to the sheer uniqueness of the thing.

I took it home and put it up with the rest of my Halloween decorations. When my neighbor, at the time, saw it for the first time, he said......that it was creeping him out. He said that he expected it to come to life and run towards him. It was funny to hear him say that it creeped him out, because he has worked for the past several years at Spooky World. The biggest horror haunted house attraction on this coast, so he is used to working in those scary and horror filled environments. I also have another friend who is always apprehensive about visiting me in the Fall around Halloween because of the figure. I kid around and tell her... Are you really that afraid of this thing, and she says, well, ya. Another friend that saw some pics of the doll, actually had nightmares from it.

A couple of years ago, I put the undead figure in my hallway around Halloween time. One day, I came home and it was face down. It must have fallen over or something. I picked up the figure and it had a big scratch and scuff mark on its nose. I inspected it closely and it was a scuff mark that seemed to have gone right down through the paint. I had verified this by trying to rub it off with my thumb. I was thinking, great, the only one of its kind, now its damaged.

A few weeks later, I happened to be walking by the figure and noticed that the scratch and scuff mark were gone. I, nor anyone else, had rapaired the damaged area. I bent down to closer inspect it and was amazed and also freaked out. The doll had seemingly healed itself. There may of been what looked like a scar on its nose, similar to what a living person would get. I guess the figure just wanted to remain perfect. I guess even the undead can be vain.

Recently, I was up in that area in Hanover and thought I'd pay a visit to that store again. Unfortunately, the store is gone. It is actually an electric store now, so it will not return. So tracing the dolls origin can never be done.

I know your curious, so here are some pics of the living dead child doll. I have heard of other, allegedly haunted dolls who do not allow themselves to be photographed. For example, the photos always come out blurry or there is a strange area of white light blocking most of the picture. However, this one doesn't seem to mind.

Notice that there are no visible scratch marks or worn paint off the nose where the damage had occured. There is just the faint appearance of a scar. If you think the pics are scary, it is much scarier in person. You would swear it is going to come alive. That is, if its not already.

p.s. I, personally, do not believe in ghosts and most unexplained phenomena. I feel there is always a logical explanation for something. However, this thing does make for a great story and it is true.








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Dude... DUDE!  I thought the headshots were creepy, when I saw the last pic... damn.  That's a brutal scary doll.  It'd be cool if that was one of those things that got passed down through generations.  Imagine all the spooky stories that would accumilate around that thing after a few generations?  Cool story, brutal spooky doll.

Stay Brutal

The Jester

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Thanks Plague Jester.........It would be even creepier if it was older.. Like so old, that part of the face had rotted away or something.. It is one of my favorite horror items in my collection.

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