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Just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm a 'spare time' horror writer, well splatter really/bartender haha gotta pay the bills.  I'm a huge fan of all genres of horror, borderline obsessed. Lol pretty bad if you can't sit through an entire movie that someone doesnt bite it in eh....anyway....yeah Tongue out

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Hey there I'm Des...new here and obsessed with horror too...lol  Laughing

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I also write horror in my spare time. I love to read others stuff also. It's fun to see others perspectives on certain subjects that they give away in their stories.

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I write too horror is the only way lol, but seriously!

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I find that I can no longer go for the longer novel types, because it seems I get these blinders on and work in a fury, letting other aspects of my life lay a bit dormant for too long.  So now I mainly focus on short splatter stories that pack a repulsive punch, or novellas some containing the same few characters I've developed and frankly grown kind of fond of, over the last few years. Of course I introduce a few new characters each time around, if I didnt it would become a bit redundant really. Lol, anyway...yeah, how about you people, any specific directions your works lean?

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Welcome to the darkside of the internet. I hope you post some of your writings .

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