Can't play

Can't play

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 Okay, I'm new to and can't get this or other shows (like Devil's Trade) to play anything beyond the first two episodes. Is this intentional (I haven't seen any kind of demands for money attached to this as of yet), or is it a matter of bad site membership.


 In the case of Buried Alive, I'm aware that the "Game" attached to it (from what I've been reading) is doubtlessly over but I've been fairly interested.

 If it's an error I hope they get it fixed soon.

 Surprised on most of the forums I've seen the latest posts are months if not years old.



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no dude this is free thats you'll have your occasional problems, but i think its worth it this is the only horror site i've ever seen. i'm a true fanatic so a little BS doesn't bother me.


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The servers are wicked busy on the weekends here,so many people are joining FearNet...if I am having trouble with a show playing or freezing up on me I retry during the week and normally it works better for me..just a thought...this is a great site so shiznit will and can happen...don't be to discourged..keep trying...hope to read blogs and dicussions from you...Peace..Joe


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