Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

Love the movies but doesn't anybody read anything.

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Clive Barker is awesome.

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I don't read horror, sadly.. it can't keep my interest like movies can. But I do read paranormal romance. That's technically 'horror' right? haha

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my favorite book of all time was Stephen Kings "IT". i read it so many times my copy of the book is in 4 pieces. its missing a lot of pages but i still kept it because i think the book is that good.

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I don't know if you would definetely call it horror, but "Misery" by King was absolutely brilliant.

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I've got a pretty thick collection of books based in the paranormal/supernatural as well as a good set of fiction based horror books. I worked my way through the "Haunted America" series by Beth Scott & Michael Norman; Leslie Rule has two great books-"Coast to Coast Ghosts" & "Ghosts Among us". Just finished up "Pride Prejudice & Zombies". Almost done with "Zombies, A Field Guide to the Walking Dead" & just started "Zombie CSU, The Forensics of the Living Dead".

I also enjoy the classics by Agatha Christie & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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I love to read!!1I read a book a day or at least a book everyother day.Stephen king is my all time fave.The Stand is my fave book ,but duma key and lisey" story are up there also.I also like richard laymon,Brian Keene,and bently little.The forest of hands and teeth by carrie Ryan is a interesting take on zombies although it is put out as a teen book.

If anyone is inot paranormal Romance don't miss the love at stake seres by Kerrelyn Sparks.

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I don't need to read because I write horror almost every day. I have to re-read all of my stuff. I know it's nothing professional, but I do read, even if it is my own stuff!

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But dear Twisted, you have to read to be able to write, the two go together. If you started read a little more you will quickly become a better writter. I'm sure of it!

I read plenty! Right now I read horror scripts and true crime.

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Stephen King is one of the greatest.

I totally agree with The Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell.  I read her everytime a new book comes out.

Patricia Briggs with her Mercy Thompson series is also kick ass. If you like shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, and fae, you've come to the right seies.  Awhole lot of ass kicking and a great quick read, hard to put down.  I reading "Silver Borne" right now, haven't been disappointed yet.

Anything by Christopher Moore.  Now, this guy will make you laugh your ass off.  He reminded why I love to read.  Most of his books somehow intertwine, the characters, towns, he's always coming up with crazy shit. If you're going to start this series, go with "Bloodsucking Fiends" and then "You  Suck" is the next book.  Also, part three in the series is coming out.  Another good one is "The Stupidest Angel" it has zombies, you'll love it.Smile

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I love reading King, Koontz, Poe and Straub. Guess I'll check the other authors that has been mentioned. Thanks


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