Take a step toward reality, for just a moment...

Take a step toward reality, for just a moment...

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Have you ever experienced any type of mental or spiritual possession?  If yes, please describe.  If no, don't bother answering.

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yes, i have. when i was 12 there was a ghost girl in my house. she never bothered me. then one night i had a dream where she was hovering above my bed and then she laughed and fell down on top of me. then i wake up and its like two days later and apparently i was weird and twitchy those two days i blacked out.

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interesting...  could you tell me more, in detail?

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I know you said don't bother relpying, but that is why I wrote books.

I have one out, and i describe things on my website.

I have seen many types of spirits, and especially demons, which as, per my opinion, writing and experience are not what we percieve them to be.

I wanted to saY SOMETHING HERE, BUT MINE IS TO COMPLICATED FOR A BRIEF ANSWER. HOPE I DIDN'T DISAPOINT.... ( oh damn, I hate when the caps get stuck..sorry)


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