The Misfits: Danzig, Graves, or Only as frontman?

The Misfits: Danzig, Graves, or Only as frontman?

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Surely there are some members of the fiend club lurking about here.

Just curious as to who out there listens to the Misfits and which incarnation you prefer.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jerry Only for keeping the band alive for 30 years, but I wish he'd step back away from the mic. 

Michael Graves was a solid singer and brought a lot to the band in its bombastic, 90's metal days, but the band had morphed into almost a cartoon of itself by then.

For my money, the man is Glen Danzig.  He was a bit on the hateful side sometimes(always) but his musical style, lyrics, and voice made the Misfits what they were.

I'm not a big fan of his post-Misfits work, but as long as he recorded with them, I loved everything.


Your thoughts?

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Well, I would have to say Danzig. Honestly because Only's voice is irritating and Michael Graves era wasnt my thing. I guess I just love Danzig that much From the Misfits to Samhain to Danzig. I  love his voice and the way he sings those horror punk songs drives me crazy [ the good way]. When I hear Graves or Only sing, especially Danzig era songs, I get a little mad in the bad irritated way.

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I would have to aggree that no one did it better than danzig. Graves did ok to carry out the role once filled by him and jerry definately needs to step away from the mike. Samhain was good when danzig decided to brake away from the misfits and Son of Sam was great too.

I would like to see them put there differences asside and reunite as the true original Misfits. Danzig had better just stick to comics because his solo carreer has come to an end.

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Glenn Danzig is the EvilElvis, he founded The Misfits and he is The Misfits.  The Misfits without Danzig up front are just a tribute band.  Nothing against Graves but Glenn made The Misfits kinda scary, with Graves they became kinda campy and Jerry is just beating a dead horse.

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Did you guys ever see the you tube video where he gets knowcked the fuck out (1 hit and down)by a dude from another band?


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