The Sadist - 1963

The Sadist - 1963

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Has anyone seen this classic B&W film?

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Hey! You, betcha! Arch Hall, Jr. also in 'Eegah!', Him and his dad, The Scientist in 'Eegah!' 'The Sadist', wasn't bad! The grinning, giggling punk. I have it in my library. Definately out there, for it's time! A little before the 70's, my time.  ('The Sadist', '63) Still a good movie if people want to see the roots of psycho-type movies!  Later,     Kaboom

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That flick goes so far back I had to dig deep to remember it... Truly a classic.....They just don't make them like that anymore.... I doubt any of these youngsters are gonna get this one...Peace-zigzag

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EAT GLASS dudes, yea i have that one too.

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