Top 10 70's Movies

Top 10 70's Movies

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Hey! A lot of the newer directors say they are trying to get the "70's" feel to their movies. I think Rob Zombie said it best in his interview on the 'Devil's Rejects' DVD extras. "The 70's just has a raw, primative, feel to it". I was a teenager in the 70's, which is probably why I'm such a fan! Anyway, What Are Your Top 10 70's Movies? Here's mine. 1. 'The Last House On The Left, '72',  2.  'The Hills Have Eyes, '77', 3.  'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, '74', 4.  'Dawn Of The Dead, '78', 5.  'Carrie, '76', 6.  'The Omen, '76', 7.  'Halloween, '78', 8. 'The Exorcist, '73', 9.  'Phantasm, '78',  10.  'Jaws, '75'.  Look back at this list, how many were remade, or sequeled? Need I say more? C'mon Horror Fans! Let Me Hear from You!        Later,      Kaboom

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Here's mine:  :) - hey I think ours are about the same. . lol

1.  The Exorcist (without a doubt). .

2.  The Omen

3.  Halloween

4.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers

5.  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

6.  Carrie

7.  The Amityville Horror

8.  The Hills Have Eyes 

9.  The Last House on the Left

10.  Phantasm. 


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Legend of Hell House

The Exorcist

The Omen

Dawn of the Dead


The Changeling


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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last house on the left

i drink your blood


texas chainsaw

last house on dead end street


the exorcist

children shouldnt play with dead things

bay of blood




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  • The 70's 
  • I drink your blood! (satan was an acid head)
  • Last house on the left(now pee your pants!)
  • the texas chainsaw masscre(you like headcheese?)
  • Eaten Alive(my names Buck and im rarin to fuck!)
  • The Funhouse(100 bucks for madaam zeeney?)
  • Magic(i want to get stoned)
  • Pirahna(fuck jaws)
  • House on the edge of the park(their takin you for a ride)
  • the exorcist(your mother sucks cocks in hell!)
  • the Shining(Im not gonna hurt ya, im just gonna bash your brains in! RIGHT THE FUCK IN!)

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1. DAWN OF THE DEAD                             9.THE OMEN

2.THE SHINNING                                    10.TEXAS CHAINSAW MASACRE

3.THE EXORCIST                                    11.THE OMEGA MAN

4.HOLLOWEEN                                       12.SUSPERIA

5.MADHOUSE                                        13. I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE


7.CARRIE                                             15.ALIEN

8.JAWS                                   SORRY TEN JUST WASN'T ENOUGHTongue out

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Yep, those are the same ones I watched....Not in any particular order, but I'd definitely have Exorcist, Carrie, and Omen as the top three....Followed by Phantasm, Alien, and some When a Stranger Calls...Then maybe wrap it all up with some Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hills Have Eyes, and last but certainly not least, throw in some Dawn of the Dead...

But every movie mentioned on every list is a very good movie....Well done....peace-zigzag

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if your a huge fan of 70's horror like i am you'll love this site i came across one day

My Top 5

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

2. The Hills Have Eyes

3. The Exorcist

4. Suspiria

5. The Omen

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the 70s were great thats when i started watching horror movies my favs were  DAWN OF THE DEAD , PIRHANA ,PHANTASM, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT , THE EVIL , THE OMEN , I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE , THE EXCORSIST , HALLOWEEN , THE HILLS HAVE EYES     TALK LATER

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Some of my favorite Lesser-Known 70's movies, in no particular order: DeathDream, Equinox, Dr. Phibes Rises Again, Return of Count Yorga, Frogs, Food of the Gods, Night of the Lepus, Kingdom of the Spiders, Blue Sunshine, Prophecy ('79), It's Alive, Trilogy of Terror (yeah, Made For TV, but it kicks ass)

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i don't think i can remember 10 but i'll try. phantasm,, alien,, exorcist best of all time,, psycho,, rosemarry's baby i that might be 60's though,, gargoyles total cheese but i loved it,, dawn of the dead ramero kicks ass,, 70's dracula the one where he lives i forget the director,, i could name lots more but i forget what year they were made. i think 3 of my choices are 60's anyway ?? 'peace' bro..


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