!!!! you gotta see a movie called ALTERED !!!!

!!!! you gotta see a movie called ALTERED !!!!

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at the store i found a movie called ALTERED its about killer aliens, you gotta see it its creepy its gory i loved it i watched it about 5 times this week, its not slow like other movies about aliens it gets right to the action, they catch a alien and bring to there friends houes but have no idea how powerful it really is, then its time to fight for there lives cause he's pissed and alot higher on the food chain. this is one you gotta check out i say dont rent it buy it !!  

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Hey Ghoulish - I didn't remember this movie until I went to Netflix to put it in my cue.  I agree with you this was a very good movie, lots of action and I loved the different characters. Laughing  I went in not expecting much, but this turned into a great indie film.  I also highly recommend, you will not be disappointed! Link to Altered Trailer on Youtube

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 loved it. by far one of the best alien flicks ive ever seen. the last mother alien made the guy look like a smoker from left for dead ll. 8

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Hmm, might just have to check it out, it looks interesting enough. If i watch it, i'll update this post 'n tell you what i think. :D

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Oh man! I gotta check that one out! I love a good alien movie!

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Ok just bought it! Now I'm gonna watch it and reply back soon!

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Never heard of it, but I'll give it a watch.


BTW...@SexyAMocha, why is your avatar sideways? Or was that intentional? Just wondering.

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I really thought that movie sucked!  Horrible F*UCKING ACTING.  The concept was good, could've been so much better.  Sometimes I think you really do need money to make a good film.

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