Death of a Ghost Hunter NO BUDGET

Death of a Ghost Hunter NO BUDGET

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Yes I justed rented "one of those" from Netflix.  You know the ones.  Let's just say ZERO budget.  Take one digital camera, subpar actresses and actors, and one empty house, and you have one long, boring, low budget movie with AWFUL special effects (e.g. person laying on floor, see chair move, hear person go "ooooow", and that's how you know they got hit by the chair). .So why did I rent it?  Well some people on Netflix gave it a good review. .

Anyway, did I mention Loooowww Budget?  LOL  

Below is a link to the trailer if you are interested. . . Money mouth

Link to Trailer Death of a Ghost Hunter

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Yes the budget was lacking but I thought the movie had it charm, I have a lot of friends that enjoyed the movie. I guess in a world of big S/X these little gems tend to get lost on the the mass public.

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I'm not really a fan of the Ghost Hunter sub-genre, but for a true independent movie this looks like it was actually put together pretty well, at lesat from what I can see on the trailer.  I'd give it a spin on Netflix on Demand if I was in the right mood.


Im not a fan of any of the GHOST HUNTER type of stuff and ghost movies in general. I might watch it as long as I dont make an idiot rich like in paranormal craptivity.

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Being a lover of all things horror including ghosts and hunting I'll say trailers always highlight the 'better' scenes, from what little I saw it wasnt the worst Ive ever seen but I dont think Jason & Grant have anything to worry about. Laughing

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