Phantasm = far from fantastic

Phantasm = far from fantastic

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I know that some people may be pissed regarding my comments about Phantasm, but I fear I must speak my mind regarding this movie.  Remember, opinions are like assholes........everyone has them, and by all accounts regarding Darwin's theory of evolution, by now at every human should have at

   Phantasm, largely regarded as an iconic horror film classic, is now from my subsequent viewing, regarded as a scar of endless dissapointment that many a horror movie has left on my soul. 

    Last week I rented this movie via Netflix as it had great reviews and at least 4 and 1/2 stars.  Now I'm left wondering how the Hell this happened.

    I tried to give it a chance, after-all many other great movies from the 70's had interesting story-lines and ok special effects. Heck, even Gremlins, The Goulies and Star Wars had great special effects for their time.  Not to mention at least an unfallible plot.

    Phantasm had a plot, but it became lost within the realm of bad acting, guys who looked like girls, and special effects that obviously relied heavily on the invention of French's Mustard.  The hero's of this tale routinely made stupid mistakes, lacked common sense and all the monsters mutated into something that didn't follow the story itself.  Among these creatures existed a cemetary gopher, a chick who turned into an old dude, spirit orbs with knives, dead people turned into dwarfs, blue barrels of bodies, fingers that turned into a fly looking puppet and two metal bars that led to another dimension.

   The description of the film told me it was supposed to be about grave-robbers and souls being taken to Hades.  Did I miss something? Calling this film iconic was more or less a cruel joke and I have yet to understand, how it received such excellent reviews. Even the ending didn't make any sense. I understand that Phantasm has many sequels but as far as many sequels go, most of them are way worse on the eyes, then the original film.  I'm not sure how this could be possible, but I am quite  sure that I'm unwilling to find out.

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to each their own , i liked it ! if your just watching it now for the first time im going to assume your  younger, the first time i saw it i was  9 ?  that was over 30yrs ago .. lol  ! i do have to admit we come along way over the yrs !  talk later

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If you were in your teens and early 20's in the 70's then it was a good watch..I have all 4 Phantasm's on hard drive..the first was the best..I saw it the weekend it came out at the was great...and for sure to each their own....they are in my classic watch list..and on them cold assed winter nights..we watch those movies that most younger horror heads think everything that's out there suck...but ya got to remember for me it's the B-Grades that trip my like yourself the older stuff don't do it for you..well the new stuff is just a redo of the old stuff..nuttin much new is really being done other than the new wave graphics they use...well's the older stuff for me....Peace....Joe

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Oh dear spookyboo, what have you just blasted, You can't go round saying Phantasm sucks, and is not even as good as Gremlins, or even ghoulies, yeah , say you don't like it ,but to go into so much mumbo jumbo like you did well ,you just bluntd one of my good chisels, Oh well you are voice, a good voice ,so heres to your honsety, 3 cheers hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray!!!peaec!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!Yell

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,,,phantasm..,killer undead -> miggits <-

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Don't get me wrong, I did like Gremlins, Ghoulies and Star Wars. I do appreciate older films, but this one just didn't flick my bic. I felt there was much more to desire after seeing several other films like the original Night of The Living Dead, Salems Lot and others. In the subject of remakes, curiousity kills and I'd probably try to watch it, but why remake every other horror film? Storyline or not, what happened to originality? By the way, how many sequels did Phantasm have? Were any of them better then the original?

sakbeerslayer365's picture is a slightly off-kilter exercise in horror by fans(like u you slap-ass) putting 2gether a movie on a miniscule budget with friends and family which is now a cult favorite..i speak the truth,that is not an opinion....spooky u need 2 realize that there r some movies that dont age well..phantasm is one of em but its still a fun stupid ride thru the 70's with a few scares thrown in...who doesnt love THE TALL MAN?Yell

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BOY!!!!!!! How can you not love Phantasm....It's the ultimate in low-budget, bad acting, classic horror flick...If I had a nickel for everytime I got smoked up, and watched this fav, why, I'd have a couple bucks....And who doesn't love the tallman?   He rocks....Totally freaks the wife out....She hates it when I say," BOY"!!!!!!!!!

If I'm not mistaking, there's about 4 sequels....None are as PHANTASTIC as the first....Get it? PHantastic? I kill me.....

spookyboo if you don't like it, then you just don't like it....Simple as that....Case closed....I don't like anchovies...It's really no big deal....And just for the record, Cloverfield and Blair Witch SUCKED the big ones....There, I said it....peace-zigzag

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Personally a fave of mine. But, if you don't agree? It will be OK.

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Well at least you respect people's opinions.  Watch out dude, I actually got a death threat or two after this movie review and also along with at least one pic that I posted (related to MJ).   My, my what a tangled web we weave!

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Good god.


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