Soylent Green

Soylent Green

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Anybody remember the movie Soylent Green?

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Great Movie...Edgard G Robbinson...Chuck Conners....Charelton Heston...I believe that was the last movie Mr. Robbinson played in..I have that one in the old classics file...Made ya think just how bad your, mine, our goverment could do in the right circumstances...i'll have to watch the movie I can't remember the 2 main girls names but they were sure hot in that movie...oh to the answer to your question I sure do remember the topic as usual.......Peace...Joe

lmao....whats your favorite crackers color........hmmmmmmm

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I thought it was pretty good too.  I can't remember the beginning though.  Was it a post-war type situation or how did the people end up starving etc.?  I wish I remembered those girls names.  All I know is that they called them "furniture" in the movie.

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Okay....The babes names or furntiure were Leigh Taylor Young and Paula Kelly....Well the movie was more about way too much sex....over population....and a lot of global food was very hard to come by...the government came up with an answer ocean farming..seaweed they told us poor hungry we got our ration of solyent yellow...yummy..then they stared telling of Soyllent Green that was the Ocean Farming giving us a new and better tasting Soylent chip to eat...gonna try to hook the yoens in here to the clasic's lol...Heston was a cop and Robbinson was his helper..and they finally figured there was sumthing wrong...with the soylent and there was fights and corruption and ohhh don't forget the showers with the babes and the real food they could find or steal...if ya had position in life you could get real food and the women that came with apartments were refered to as furniture and you kept them and did as you liked....Hey it was when a person finally had enough of that wonderful life you could go to a place wher you where put to sleep..what's that word ..oh if there were spelling cops i'd be in jail all the Robbinson figures out exactly what Soylent was and freaked out and went to one of them centers ya would get a last meal and they would let ya see a panaramic picture of your choice an boom boom out you go and then...well Heston follows Robinsons dead body around and then finds out what the hell Soylent really is....Ah man ya just gotta see this classic of classics and watch this one all the way through....stay awake it was sooooo good......Peace.....Joe

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I saw that flick back in the day....really good...Charlton Heston mostly did good films....It was on Turner Classic  Movies last week sometime....I sure meant to record it....Maybe it'll come on again soon....peace-zigzag

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we're all gonna be eating that stuff come 2012!

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Are you sure we are aren't  already? Hummmm food for thought.

All kidding aside I really enjoyed this movie would like to see it again Chuck Heston was great in his role.

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soylent green tastes just like it smells,,,,,delicious. good movie

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Great film! I read somewhere that right before they filmed the scene when Sol (Robinson) is about to die, he had confided  in Heston that he only had a few weeks left to live due to cancer....those tears Heston is showing during that scene are quite real....Cry

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Yes we may already be eating it, with the advent of tofu and spam (btw I do like tofu).  Not to change the subject but yogurt always reminded me of that movie "The Stuff."  Also, if you ever read the book "Fast Food Nation" it's got all sorts of crazy stuff in it about many workers getting ground- up in the hamburger and hot-dog meat.  Didn't quite illustrate this in the movie.........but the book creeped me out so much, that I wouldn't eat McDonald's hamburgers or Taco Bell for like 3 1/2 years.  I have since decided that I would eat one "once in a blue-moon," but still feel strange about it! I always look at the meat for awhile first, not that this would make any difference, at that.

   I can see why the people in Soylent Green were fooled.  I mean if the food is green, it should be coming from a vegetable, right? Not like all these starving people had a choice though.

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to all you wussy vegetarians out there listen to this,,,,,,,,,,, all the animals cute and fuzzy to big and scary they're all delicious,, muwhohahaha,,, pieces .GHOULISH.


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