Sorry, but this site kinda sucks.

Sorry, but this site kinda sucks.

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Yeah, whatever, I may not be a webmaster computer whiz, but I don't have to be a movie director to know if a flick sucks, and this site is kind of garbage. The content's okay, but the site design and technical function leave much to be desired. Logging in if you're a member is ridiculously 'tarded; if you've already been on the site before you logged in, then log in and attempt to backtrack and revisit those pages with your member credentials for posting to a forum/comments section or whatever, it don't fucking work. I use Mozilla Firefox with NoScript for security, and it's ridiculous the number of random, weird web addresses I need to allow to run script on any given page just for anything to work worth a shit. Annoying and unsettling from a security perspective.

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I'm not gonna try to change your mind about this each their own...I'm a Linux user and I changed from Mozilla/Firefox and installed Epiphany and stopped all the crap settings and security problems just by switching browsers and installing Adobe Flash 10 and it solved my viewing and browsing problems...My wifes PC has XP Home on it and she uses IE 8 and Adobe Flash 10...She used Mozilla Firefox and complained about the same security issues you've described...I'm not dissing Mozilla FireFox cause 10 billion horror heads will start tring to tell me about how great Mozilla is and how they never have any problems..I'm telling ya how I solved my issues with Mozilla Firefox..Try another Browser there's a slew of em out there...people are sooooo paranoid about security that they and browser creators have made it almost impossible to enjoy a great site like this..try setting your firewall to the simplest setting when your on the site and it may help ya get around's what I did..just a suggestion...Well anyways..all the real horror heads are here..i've looked at countless other sites and they don't stack up to FearNet..even with the crappy movies and the getting around the site issues..I did whatever I could to get me around here an enjoy each and every visit here...I hope you don't leave...but if you do and you find a better site than here with no issues..please lets all of us we can all check it out also...hope you settle your issues....Peace...Joe

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