"The Reaper" - A work in progress - Chapter 5

"The Reaper" - A work in progress - Chapter 5

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The Reaper Escapes

     After being taken into custody, and a futile psychiatric review – immediately following  his brief “conversation” at the scene of the crime, the child resumed being mute; refusing to speak – he was committed to – one of life’s little ironic situations – the asylum where his recently deceased mother worked.

     Because of his age, he was kept in seclusion from the rest of the patients.  This was done – so the doctors and staff believed at the time – as a precautionary measurement for the “child’s” safety.  In actuality, as time would tell, this turned out to be more beneficial for the safety of everyone else there – until that eventful night; some fifteen years later.

     Eventually, he was allowed to wear that skull latex mask all the time; because whenever they tried to remove it, he would throw an uncontrollable tantrum, which only ceased once the mask was put back on.  They believed it was because he was ashamed of his facial deformity, and wanted to hide his appearance from the rest of the world.  The truth was, that mask, acted as his “translator”.

     A couple of weeks before his murderous rampage, the Reaper started hearing an undecipherable, cacophony of murmuring resounding in his head.  It would go on constantly – unrelenting – torturing the youth round the clock – with the noise being so loud; he wouldn’t be able to sleep.  It wouldn’t cease.  No matter what he did – no matter how hard he would clamp his palms over his ears – it wouldn’t cease; he couldn’t keep the noise out.

     Then, as a last vain attempt, he tried covering his head with that mask.  And long and behold – it became more distinct and understandable – the youth finally realizing that it wasn’t coming from outside; but rather from within.  And the “noise” was now a “voice” – his “inner-evil voice” - coming forward, and telling him what he needed to do – what he must continue to do – his purpose – kill the children.

     But he must continue wearing the mask, or else the voice reverts back to the unintelligible, irritating sound which penetrates his eardrums like a flurry of tiny daggers piercing through them unmercifully.

     And as the years passed by, he laid there, silent and unresponsive; seemingly as if almost comatose.  But in his mind, they planned; him and the voice, holding conversations within the privacy of his massively overdeveloped, thick cranium.  Lying there in wait – virtually motionless - like many deadly predators in the wild do those last moments before preparing to pounce on their prey.  Waiting. Waiting for his “time to pounce”.

     Within ten minutes of the initial ignition of the flammable substances used; the fire was fully involved throughout the entire asylum.

     Once the fire was extinguished, and the bodies starting to be extracted, a disturbing realization was made.  This was no accident – and everybody there was killed before the fire began.  This was obvious due to the fact that those bodies which weren’t charred beyond recognition evidently had their throats cut open.  And not merely just cut open, but viciously sliced from behind one ear to behind the other, cutting deep through the flesh and muscle; enabling their necks to be pulled back in such a fashion as to expose the larynx – making each victim looking like some grotesquely sick, sadistic human Pez dispenser.  And upon closer examination of the wounds during the autopsies – after discovering minute slivers of glass fragmentations in the lacerations – the weapon used by the assailant was determined to be, more than likely, a broken piece of mirror.

     Once all the bodies were identified by the medical examiners; it was discovered that all those present in the institute at the time of the fire were accounted for – all of them except for the Reaper, that was.

     And now, his whereabouts are about to be known.  Those fifty-seven children were only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  He’s been “hunting” for the past six years, dragging his “prey” down beneath the unaware city; mutilating and desecrating their bodies.  But now they stumbled upon one of his hidden lairs – violating the “sanctity of his realm” – intrusively disturbing his world.  And for this; they must pay.


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