Recent Book Review / Books That Truly Suck

Recent Book Review / Books That Truly Suck

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Just waited forever for the Necronomicon Ritual Book by Kuriakos.  Read all of Simon's books on the Necronomicon and thought they were great.  Kuriakos book was supposed to clear up some stuff that wasn't listed in Simon's last book of the Necro series.  Let me tell you, when I got this book, dissappointment could least explain how I felt.  The book was half empty.  Each page had like 2 sentences on it.  There were no illustrations and it didn't tell me anything insightful what-so-ever.  I could have written a better book in an hours time.  I think this author did exactly that. I was able to return it, but I had to eat the cost of shipping and handling and that wasn't even worth it.

So, has anyone else gone through this recently? Bought or had a book shipped.  Waited for two weeks, and then find out it truly sucks??? In this instance, hind-sight is never better then foresight, especially when you put out a decent amount of $$$$.

Now, I'm afraid to buy anything from little known and unknown publishers.  I call these texts curious reads from anonymous publishers, or C.R.A.P. for short.

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Very annoying and expensive. I go to Half Price Books or places like that just because I've been burned too many times ordering books at full price that aren't worth a read. One book I paid full price for had one good, well-crafted sentence per chapter. I finished it because it became a game finding that one good sentence. 20 chapters equalled 20 good sentences. The average paperback is $6.95 these days so it all adds up. What a rip-off! Next time I'm at the bookstore I'll think of your ancronym. Very clever and sadly accurate.

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