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My gramma once told me that she met and saw the devil, but this was when my mom and aunt were about 9 or 10..she says that my grampa was an alcoholic or a drunk and when ever he came home from the bar at night he would beat her and sometimes he wouldn't even come HOME all night, this went on for about 2 or 3 years untill she finally thought about killing herself, she says that she grabbed one of those long wide knives and put it to her stomach and was just about to push it into her stomach and start slicing, but just before she was about to do that, her sister-inlaw came knocking on the door ((her sister-inlaw is real church going)) and so my gramma opened the door and they started talking and my gramma told her sister-inlaw about what was going on with her husband and what she was just about to do before her sister-inlaw came knocking on the door, soo her sister-inlaw told her about god and how he can help with her dilema but only if she has faith in him, but my gramma was very refusing, saying, no no, that there is no way he would help her and that if he CAN help her then why hasn't he helped her before, soo her sister told her that he CAN help but only if u have faith in him.. well they kept on talking untill her sister finally convinced my gramma to just go ta church.. soo when my gramma went to church for the first time, they were talking about the devil and how that praying can rebuke anything the devil throws at you.. soo when my gramma got home from church her husband was there and he said that he was heading out to tha bar, soo my gramma was left there alone with her daughters ((like always)).. anyways later that night, about 2 in tha morning, she said that she woke up cause she heard a noise in her bedroom and thought that my grampa just got back from the bar, soo she looked behind her to see her husband and she said she saw a black shadowy gargoyle like shape with wings and eyes of bright red and she said that she could make out the outline of the wings in the dark just waving like a ripple in tha water and it was just standing there behind her and then she said that it just started walkin calmly toward the edge of the bed, and it stopped right by her feet just staring at her and she also said that she was frozen and that she could not move but all she could move were her eyes, and about 5 seconds into it just staring at her, it started talking and it introduced itself, saying that it was the "Fallen One" through her mind and then it was just trying to get her to kill herself, and as soon as he or it started doing that, she said that she closed her eyes and started praying and rebuking him, just repeating the same prayer over and over and about 10 seconds into praying she said that she opened her eyes and saw that he was gone and then she said that she got up and ran out her room, down the hallway and into her daughters room while they were still up watchin T.V and hugged them soo hard that she nearly choked them to death.. ((this is a VERY true event that happened to my Gramma))


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let me tell you that creeped me the hell out for just reading it.

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damn excellent story they say suicide is a unforgivable sin the devil almost had her i bet her sister in-law was unknowingly sent by god to help, i have a true story for you its not scary though, my mother and my grandmother both told me this on separate occasions, when i was being born my grandmother kept leaving the room and wouldn't say why, she left and didn't come back for about a hour, in that time i was born and my grandfather was standing there smiling he told my mom i love you and left the room, like 2 seconds after he walked out my grandmother comes in crying, and told my mom i didn't know how to tell you this and i didn't want to upset you at a time like this, but 2 hours ago your father died of a heart attack in another room upstairs that's why i kept leaving the room i couldn't stop crying. my mom told me she didn't tell my grandmother he was there till years later but because of that i was named after him. they didn't tell me this story until i was 15 but strangely i always believed in spirits..

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A really good story, and believable at that.  On a less serious note, I look like a gargoyle after I've had a few too many, my eyes get red too.

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in my apartment there are two ghosts. one good and one who i dont think likes me. the former is named james, hes around sixteen and pops up out of no where. one time i was getting up at like four in the morning and i saw him just sitting and smiling and he waved and kind of faded out. the latter, how ever, lives in the attic and one nite im trying to sleep and i open my eyes and i see a glowing orange head and hands poking out of my ceiling. i almost screamed but threw a pillow at it instead. and i always hear footsteps coming from the attic at like three in the morning. and my friend saw a creepy orange face in the attic window. and the last time i was in the attic with my sister i felt something pinch me and my sister was all the way by the door which is on the other side of the attic. and one nite i heard some one screech my name. scared the shit outa me.

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You tell me that story is really real and I will post mine 'cause that shit hit way to close to home. . .

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It was probably a foreigner or something and she took it the wrong way.

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Your story was good and scary however I think your Gram a suffered from Sleep Paralysis, or more commonly known as Old Hag Syndrome. Sleep Paralysis is a well known sleeping disorder though out the age's known as Pinyin (Ghost Pressing on bed) in China, Ethiopian culture referd to the demon that possessed people in their sleep Dukak, and in the British Islands Old Hag for suffers of this syndrome reported seeing red eyes, voices and sounds of foot steeps. In all though Sleep Paralysis can be linked with Narcotize, Cataplexy, and  Hypnagogic Hallucination. Its a creepy story but I got to say the symptoms fit.        


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