What Is Your Idea Of Heaven Or Hell??

What Is Your Idea Of Heaven Or Hell??

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Not sure as I believe in either....So, for safety sake I would assume hell couldn't be much worse than this shit hole of a nightmare world I have to wake up to everyday.  Not that the world itself if a bad place, but the shit fucks in it are pretty much making this not to of an exiting place for me this past few years..

If heaven existed I would hope it would entail some drunken mass of orgy that wasn't preceded or followed by any kind of disease what so ever.  Now that be said.  That sounds more like an idea of some people's "hell" actually.  In that case.  Perhaps, I would prefer hell..  The judeo-christian version of (Heaven) is for little babies and puppies...  which I would ravishingly devour if they weren't just so darn cute.

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Dude, FEARnet is like any good neighborhood BAR. There is ALWAYS gonna be some asshole in it. Just relax, hang with your friends and have a laugh. 96% of the HUMAN RACE is shit on two legs. What are you gonna do ? Be a hermit on a mountain ? Fuk em. Life is short. LIVE IT and walk around them cause just like dogshit, you accomplish nothing by steppin on them, just getting crap on your foot.

Heaven for me, is if the King made it VALHALLA just for me and mine.THE REAVERDEATH DEALER CARNAGE



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i agree with hellfighter on this one.... heaven is your own personal place.....what ever you want it to be.

hell i think is the same way.. it cant be just one it has to be per individual too.... to fit the person

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state that its all our subconcious thoughts, the power of our minds-endless. there is no satan or god there is only the reflection of our selves. this is heaven. this is hell.

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hey hell fighter like the refernce to vikings

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I really like the idea of a heaven and hell but there is always something that I have never understood. Both of those are tied to earthly beliefs. What good is a hell that is stuck in the middle of this one, singular planet? I like the theory that you can actually choose your own heaven to be whatever you want it to be. I even like the idea that if you screw up something, you can come back again to try and do it over again.

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my idea of heaven would be if i could meet someone that really understood me for me all the way down to what i am thinking most of the time. also if people would truly see me for me and not want me to be what they want me to be. Hell would be friends that turned on you which has happened to me.  my mother disowning me for a decision i made in my life. dying all by myself with no friends or family.


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