True blood hate it or love it

True blood hate it or love it

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I know that the vampire genre is being made into a romance genre about a vampire trying to live an ordinary life bringing me to having mixed feelings about true blood it bores me nothing is in the series to really get me excited about it like my favorite supernatural all tho Jason Stack house is my favorite character it lacks suspence,thrill,adventure and scary parts also the battle with marrian should have been more compelling and had a better end i hope they make it better by season 3 but i have little hope

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I love it! I didnt read the books yet, but I plan too. all of the characters are really interesting to me, and i like that it has more than just vampires.

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They make Vamyres look glamoury,pussified & LAME! I was in the room when my faggot ex was watching one of them & I was sickened just by what I heard.All this lovey bullshit,fighting over 1 bitch & 'OMG you so totally HAVE to marry ME not HIM'. NO self respecting vampyre lowers itself to that level.It's about survival of the race.About the next meal.The next victim.The gore,blood & power.True Blood,Twiglight, ALL that crap can go burn in a fiery pit.I'm so sick of hearing about that bullshit.

Put a Twilight/True Blood pussy up against a true Vampyre...see who wins.


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its all great but i have 2 words for you guys. fright night.ahhhhHaaaaaahaaaahhhhahhhaaa

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do you believe in vampire??



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