Awesome New Zombie Book

Awesome New Zombie Book

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Anyone interested in a kickass zombie book should check out The Real Night of the Living Dead by Mark L. Kramer. Full of nonstop zombie action. My girlfriend bought it off Amazon for me and it took me one night to read it. I could not put the damn thing down! Check it out.

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Thanks I'm always looking for good horror/action books.  Have you read any of Brain Keene's works? His zombie books, The Rising, City of the Dead and Dead Sea are awesome page turners. His other horror books are just as good. Some say even better. Try Urban Gothic, The Castaways, The Conqueror Worms or Terminal. All are excellent!

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His three zombie books kicked me in the head.  I'm a pretty negative morbid person who tends to enjoy when movie/book protagonists buy the farm and even I found the books bleak, in a good way.  Awesome vision of how society just breaks the hell down and people, for the most part, revert to their most primal, savage, ruthless instincts as they try to survive.  Then, of course, the zombies get the demon-possession upgrade (except for Dead Sea) so they're cunning, thinking, weapon-using sons-of-bitches.  The poor bastard survivors didn't stand a chance. 

Also a zombie trilogy by David Wellington that came out a couple of years ago, Monster Island/Nation/Planet was pretty good although I thought it veered into silly territory a little bit with the magical uber-zombie "litches", they reminded me of the ubiquitous "boss" enemies in shooter video games.



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I got Talking Smack on audio just haven't taken the time to listen yet...I still want a movie about Goatman..the urban should prove interesting I think...The Ties That Bind have gone over well so far...I like Brian Keene..a name you don't hear to much of in here for sure...Peace...Joe

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